wedge is a new heels


Shoes lover definitely know with this kind of shoes, wedges. Buat kamu yang belum tau bedanya wedges sama high heels, let’s we find out the different first,

Firstly, high heels dan wedges adalah jenis shoes yang memiliki heels atau hak, but the different is in the shape. Heels pada wedges ada mengikuti shape dari wedges itu sendiri, sedangkan heels pada high heels ada di bagian tumit dari shoes nya.

the kinds of wedges

kind of high heels

From the two pictures, we can see the difference of the two kinds of shoes basically in the heels. Ga jarang walaupun mereka punya shape yang sama, tetapi perbedaannya terletak pada bentuk heels nya yang meruncing pada high heels.

After we know the difference, let we look at the using of wedges. Basically, wedges bisa dipakai untuk mempercantik style kamu. Jangan berfikir kalau wedges are out of date; you are wrong darling, because today wedges become the new heels. Dari pretty look to androgyny can use wedges for their shoes, tinggal gimana kamu mix and matchnya. these  are  examples :


Casual looks ini bisa kamu pakai buat ke kampus atau sekedar ke toko buku. Simple dan manis, kalau kamu ga nyaman sama bag nya, kamu ganti dengann Kelly bag yang biasa kamu pakai tinggal sesuain aja sama oufits kamu.

kind of wedges

Meskipun kamu ga suka pakai dress doesn’t mean you are not into the trends. For androgyny, looking for the most suits wedges that can make you comfortable to wear, and also can be match with your outfits.

Play with the color, kamu bisa pilih watna broken white, nude, smooth brown, white or black to your wedges. Simple siy shapenya tapi effect nya buat look kamu ga simple, you will always force people around you to stare at your look at least 5 minutes J believe me.

kinds of wedges

Buat kamu yang hobi pake dress, don’t be worry, detailed wedges bakal bikin kamu sexy and catchy dipaduin sama mini flowery dress ini. Biar ga kelaiatan plain banget kamu bisa kasi simple accessories kayak hand bang, hat atau vest rajut.

See, wedges become new heels nowadays. Dari yang feminine sampe yang androgyny semua looks gorgeous wears wedges, moreover you can using it in daily life. The key is, still be brave to look different because you are unique.


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