outfits to holiday *edisi pantai :D


Yay, holiday getting closer :D, ga kerasa udah mau tengah tahun aja. Ga lama lagi kita bakal liburan panjang. By the way, udah punya rencana kemana buat spend your holiday?

Pasti ya sudah banyak planning, ada yang ke pantai atau malah ke puncak atau Bali atau abroad. I am sure it will be your amazing time. To make it perfect, here I will give you some tips that maybe can help you in deciding outfits to wear 🙂

Firstly, let’s imagine wave, white sand and yes beach, where we can play around with the water and make your sand Castile. Pantai memang menawarkan banyak hal, dari landscape nya yang amazing sampe wave nya yang bikin merinding :). If you think the only outfit is bikini, sorry dear you have a big mistake. Bikini emang oke banget buat berjemur dpantai, but there also a lot of choices that can be wear, let’s check it out

the maxi dress

Kalau kamu punya maxi dress, bring it on. These maxi dress is one of the must have items when you are in the beach. This kind of dress is very comfortable to wear because usually made from cotton. Moreover, dengan maxi dress ini kamu bakal dapet looks yang very elegance, because as you know your dress will be played by the wind. Kita bisa pake maxi dress either siang atau malam, karena this dress is always looking good, not to formal so that can be wear to walk a long  but also not to casual so that can be wear for any dinner in restaurant. For the addition, if you worrying your skin, you can add bolero or cardigan with this maxi dress, so simple isn’t it?

the summer oufits

In the beach, there are a lot of things that you can do, like surfing, banana boat; speedboats and other simple things like build your own sand Castile or even sunbathing. Casual look is the most suitable outfits that you can wear, ga mungkin kan kita mau pake maxi dress buat surfing atau mau pakai shirt buat naik banana boats :p, so there the example of the outfits; kita bisa pake hot pants and tank top for the basic, and to make it perfect kita bisa pakai kemeja longgar punya bokap. As the result, violaaa, this look will make you comfort all day a long.

Then, when you starting to play with the wave mending lepas aja kemeja nya daripada nanti pulang ke hotel basah-basahan, at least it will be easier you in plays in the beach. Let’s look at the picture below;

casual summer outfits

For the next tips, you also can wear jumpsuit, itu loh terusan celana yang terinsipirasi dari baju-baju lucunya anak-anak kecil ;), jumpsuit ini emang nyaman banget buat dipake beraktifitas karena emang bentuknya yang ga ribet. Jadi jumpsuits become one of recommendation outfits buat liburan dipantai.

Jumpsuit sendiri memiliki banyak model, ada yang panjang, ada pula yang pendek. Ada model yang tube, berlengan pendek dan berlengan panjang. Nah, tinggal kita suka yang model kayak mana karena selera orang kadang berbeda-beda 🙂

Oiya, one important note kalau kamu pake jumpsuit, jangan pernah nahan pipis. This is important because when you wear jumpsuit you have to take it off from the top when you pee, so it’s would be a lot better if you have time before you got a pee :p

Then, let’s we look at the example picture of jumpsuit 🙂

the jumpsuit

For the next tips, mini dress also becomes one of choice outfits. The mini dress chose because it is casual but still sophisticated enough when we use it in the beach. Mini dress emang simple dan nyaman banget buat suasana pantai yang sunny, but please note ladies, do not play too much with the wave unless you wear basic pants or short under you mini dress. It would embarrassing when your underwear become public view, kamu ga mau kan diketawain anak kecil Cuma gara-gara underwear nya kemana-mana, or the worst possibility, jangan sampe kamu become victim of sexual harassment.

Well, let’s see the look of mini dress that you can use to the beach below;

mini dresses

Yep, that’s a bit tips that maybe can be useful to help you prepared your holiday gals. Ini cuma tips that maybe you can considered, karena keputusan nya ada di kamu, you can choose which one that suits to you the most and comfortable to be wear 🙂 .


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