why i love vintage


kalau menurut kamus, Vintage [vin-tij] means classic (synonym), atau definition by Wikipedia is clothing that produced before 1920, moreover vintage also can be define as second hand clothes.

nah, jadi kalau gue punya dress yang dikasih sama nenek gue  itu masih bisa di bilang vintage, tapi kalau gue punya dress yang beli tahun lalu tapi punya model yang sama kayak dress dari nenek gue, that’s not vintage but it’s called retro.

yup, karena retro means culturally outdated or ages style or fashion from postmodern past (by wikipedia)

so, if you said that you are fans of vintage style right now you’ve understand the meaning and difference between both retro and vintage. 🙂

kalau lo mau nyari branded yang punya koleksi vintage outfits, gue sarankan buat ke Topshop, Bershka, Miss Selfrigde atau juga Fossil. tapi kalau mau yang sedikit (atau bahkan jauh) lebih murah mending lo made it custom di online shop, gue bisa ngasih beberapa info toko online yang punya barang bagus (PM me) atau kalau lo mau, bisa juga berkunjung ke secondhand shop, awul-awul, cabo (cakar bongkar) or whataver you name it.

nah, buat seleb sendiri ada beberapa orang yang gue suka karena mereka punya style classic and vintage kayak Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry and Alexa Chung. dan sedikit banyak style gue terpengaruh sama mereka, karena tiap orang punya ciri khas sendiri walaupun ketiganya punya style yang sama. Vintage! yuk, kita buktiin analisa gue tentang ketiga orang tadi.

1. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel

gue suka sama Zooey sejak dia main di film 500 days of Summer yang keren abis. menurut gue, Zooey is the real Summer Finn’s icon in fashion.

one of Zooey's classic outfitsZooey in Hollywood awards

zooey ini los angeles

2. Katy Perry

singer idola gue! both song and the looks are magnificent and i do love it! she just expressive and great when do something

katy perry in her vintage outfitskaty perry in red carpetin MTV award

3. Alexa Chung

she is a model, she is a ex news caster and she is great! yup, chung sering banget menjadi front row in the fashion week bareng sama Anna Wintour!

alexa chung in many appereancein one of her lookAlexa in Bafta

well, after looked at the pictures above you can notice the must-have-items! menurut gue, yang harus gue punya kalau pengen mengaplikasikan vintage style are:

1. Tight/Legging/stocking: bisa dipakai kalau gue pake mini dress atau skirt

2. Mini Dress

3. Skirt

4. Basic (white/black T-shirt)

5. Oxford

one of my fav oxford heels

6. Classic bag

my lovely bag ever!

7. Jacket/sweeter

dan, the most important, lo nggak harus beli baru dan mahal buat outfits ini karena lo bisa nyari di secondhand shop dengan harga Rp 5.000,00/item, so affordable isn’t?  saat ini gue emang paling nyaman pake vintage and retro style buat keseharian gue, but nggak maksain pakai tiap hari sih. sometimes kalau gue udah kesiangan  and nggak sempet nyari baju, jeans and T-shirt is the best combination.

kadang gue casual

kadang classic

kadang nyantai

kadang rebet

atau kadang gue ngasal 😀

so, the conclusion is wear what you want to wear !


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