reborn in somewhere i belong


well, after went to crazy for some couple weeks about making pictures again, finally i got this. yep, last night when i went into some chit chat with my girl, Devi i just found we were dressed up just like what we did when we worked for magazine a year ago.

and here we are, i wear a tops from thrifted store in Salatiga for only Rp. 15.000,00! anda guess what, i do love the pattern because it is so adorable. moreover, there are two things that i liked the most from this looks. the first, i love the necklace where i got from my friend Rissa, in her onlineshop, Tishbite Box. yep, this-candle-necklace was sent from Bandung and already broke when i got it, fortunately, Devi helped me out to fix it with a glue that make me lil’ scared because it’s should not get into our skin, well you know how careless i am, and i make spill it out in my hands :(. however, my pain paid when i look at my necklace now. it’s so adorable. you have to see!

it was broken before :(, but now it was so adorable πŸ˜€

and the second outfits that i likes is my new wedges. actually this wedges already become one of my wishlist-thing, and suddenly when i am going to shop with Devi i found it in very cheap price. so, i grab it fast before someone else take for it.

same model but different color, mine is mocca πŸ˜€

see, how adorable aren’t they? i guess you will love it as well. ;p

so, here i am wore that outfits last night and felt so great with it. πŸ˜€

here the necklace, super love it πŸ˜€

what do you thinks about my necklace and my wedges?

see! how great the necklace? *sigh :p

aawww, after long time no dressed up, i can do that again πŸ˜€

look skinnier with the wedges, if you have a problem with your weight you should try to wear heel on your feet

yay! that the picture, if you have any comment about my looks, please kindly wrote your thought. i do appreciate. ciao πŸ˜€









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