my August wishlist


this month, many things happened unexpectedly. like i called from the boarding house that i wanted, because finally after 2 month there is a room for me. so, i bit busy with my preparation to my new room. later i will give the pic about my new bedroom.

but still, there always find things that i wants to buy although not by now.

you know, collar just like happening nowadays. Every girls seems to wear collar shirt and collar tops or even collar dress. But i found more passionate than that is the collar necklace.You know it is very useful when you feels stuck with the day or when i feels bad hair day, the collar necklace is really the mood booster, well it is for me at least 🙂

another issues, i just waiting my new tops that i already bought from my friend’s online shop. It seems that i can wait any longer because i do love the tops (though i just watched it in picture)

so, here the list about the stuffs that i wish i could buy by this August

another wedges

wedges from Up

yep, the wedges is very cute isn’t? i love the color and the shape . also, this wedges seems so comfy to wear i guess, perfect combination isn’t?


kinds of collar necklace

texture collar necklace

carved collar necklace


stunning! imagine that you wears your white/black-basic-dress/top/shirt and combine with this cute necklace, how great your day will be? aaaaah, hardly wait to buy one of them, or all of them (?) *sigh


neon satchel


i wish i had the brown one! it’s so adorable isn’t? i guess the day when i wears it would be one of my day 😀



well, after that i would post my look recently


happy great day 🙂










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