lovely day with lovely persons in lovely place


this pic is actually not today, but a week ago when my friend of mine visited me before she heading to Salatiga. we had so much fun together from ate Lontong Sayur Medan, shopping in gejayan to buy some pairs of shoes and also we hunted some clothes in Seturan.

after we went to stores and shopping centre, at noon i brought her to accompany me interviewed a new cake shop in Jogja, Serafin Pattisserie. there, we found the most delicious red velvet ever. i love the tastes i love the sweet and i love the cake. this red velvet made me to try and tried, again anda again. you should try yourself someday! :),

oiya, today i decided to wore my new-a year-ago shirt that i bought from my friend’s online shop but never be wore before. i don’t know, but i love the color of this shirt, however the material is rather uncomfy to wear in the shiny day.

here some pict of that day 🙂

my blue shirt

me and my favorite necklace

me and my new wedges

me and my comfy jeans

me and my everything i had

this is Serafine Patisserie

how comfy the interior

my old friend of mine and my BF 🙂

the rainbow cake. every layer of color have different tastes

my favorite red velvet cake, with a heavy cheese cream layer who made me cannot stop ate this

this is macaroon, the tastes is sweet and very delicious for you who like sweety cake.

yep, so delicious isn’t? i bet you will love the tastes as you love the picts. such a long post hah? 😀 see you in other post, *hug












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