My September Wish-list :D


hello, September

well, i knows it’s pretty late to say “Hello” for September but i still saying that words πŸ˜€ why, because there are a lot things happened recently and i just wanting some stuffs at that time.

there are some good things just arrived and the rest still found people hating me, nevermind that’s life i think, so we have to deal with it. actually i realize that they don’t have to like me because i am not facebook status isn’t ?

so, in this month just found some admirable people, the first is my mother and her secret that she never told me before and that’s made me love my mother even more and the second is Maddy, someone in that have adorable style! πŸ˜€

for this September, i just wanting some things like,

the first is Camera!

this is Canon G12 upfront

Canon G12 in other side πŸ˜€




yep, I wants this camera so bad bacause i like to take pictures of my self when i am wearing such outfits. it is make me day actually πŸ˜€

the second, i wants to buy chiffon skirt

this is the long one

the medium with some lipit in it πŸ˜€

i love this color

honestly, i just inspired by Maddy, but the fact i knows that i am not as skinny as she is, but i think there isn’t wrong to wear it. hihhihi i just curious how it will be when i wear this one. πŸ˜€









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