fix my day



Jogja is still hot and today i got my bad hair day. yes! it is because i have to work at 08 am and i got problem with waking up early, *sigh

So, this morning i just late to have my hair washed and i decided to make it tied, and the weather still like summer made my sweat can’t stop make me ugly and uglier 😦

well, because i got my ‘usual’ pants dirty and choose to wear my sister’s pants that remain me into harem style which actually didn’t too fit to make me look skinnier, but i don’t care. i still wear it anyway. And like always, since 08 am to 12 am i always be hungry and hungry and hungry so i can’t think nor work either. then, when 12 am came, i just ready to got my early lunch and late breakfast together i took some photo of my self.

fortunately, after ‘touch and edit’ those photo i got my mood up and i am so happy right now. here there are, some photos of mine

before eat

with my lovely clutch from gogirl!

i like my pants

my bad hair day 😀

hype me in lookbook 😀



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