Yes I am Different. so what?


everybody know that the the new place will have their own rule, so if you are the newcomer you have to be a part of the. And here i am, i am the new person in my office, well at least i still 3-month-worker here, so i know i have to adopt and learn a new things there. As i learn, the first three month is the hardest part in this circumstances. My work before, i am i journalist in a fashion teenage magazine in Jakarta, since i moved to Jogja, i becomes an editor in chief of a development website named

actually, my task is quite easy and not as hard as mine before, but the most hardest part is the surrounding. Yep, you know there is always a people who consider herself become the most beautiful/popular/ annoying person in the office. i i got one. she is quite young, still in 19. however, what she did always made me mad. She never stop mocking at other and i doubts she has a brain to think because everything come up from her mouth is always hurting others feeling. Then, some weeks ago, i can’t stand anymore with her and her attitude. I was so upset with her so i said something rude to her, i hope it was the last time i am yelled at her.

After that, i am quite comfy with my office situation, although there still so many things that i didn’t like, but yesterday i am almost exploded again. Yes! this time for the office boy! before i tell the situation, i want you to know that i am become the only smoker woman in the office. Some people okay with that and the rest will talking about me behind my back, that actually i don’t give them shit of that. Maybe the didn’t meet woman smoker before me, so they look strange when find out women smoke a cigars.

And, besides the smoker woman, some of them didn’t familiar with fashion, -i means something like mix and match, using dress and some stylish outfits- . well, it was very different with my old job where we have to be stylish in the office. So, to become a part of them, i usually using shirt and jeans only when i works everyday. But yesterday, i invited into a wedding party from one of my office’s friend. Consider, he is nice and friendly, i decided to come although it was weekend, and the only day i was off. And i came wears a dress, jeans blazer and stocking with a flat shoes. in my opinion, this outfits is very casual and simple, but not for some office boy in my office. They mocked me, they said i just like a dangdut singer! i am very flattered when hearing their words, i want to yell, “Who the hell you are? Mister Office Boy please watch out with your mouth! because you are only OFFICE BOY!”

Okay maybe it was rude statement, but i do sick of them. i hate when they took my food which i left in my desk. i hate their attitude when we are joking. You know, in my old job, my OB was work from ISS and they are very very very polite. They would not taken anything in the desk without my word, they would not saying anything no matter what if i am not ask to them. Here, everything was different, OB are never realize that they are should be polite or differentiate when you can be our friends, when you have to be polite to us. Yes, for me it is suck.

so, i decided to change everything, if they can’t me professional, so have to be professional first. I learn that maybe they used to be in that way. They used to be have no boundaries with other workers. What i can took from this, i am the one who felt annoys with their attitude, so i am the one also who have to make my own boundaries. It doesn’t means i am mean but i just want them know that they are should be not doing like this if they want to work in the bigger corporation. Yes, i am different and i am proud of it.




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