that’s Life


Many things happened for reason, ya it just yesterday i complained about OB in my office, however in the night i was exploded again because of him. Yep, he is younger than me, maybe only 19 years old but his mouth was so suck. Maybe it is piece of cake when he called me only my name. Well sorry to say it is not appropriate since i was older than him. This is office, this is company, i working here professionally so i wish other did like mine.

It is good to have no boundaries among your partner in office, but it became worst when people can not control their manner toward other. I am working in company not in the market, so i demand appropriate behavior from them without i have to say directly for them.

well, done with the office matters.

Last night, i broke up with my BF, maybe it is because of the distance or maybe not. Yes, recently we had a fight almost in every talk that i had with him, simple things became a huge fight. I hurt, he hurt, we were hurting each other.

after almost 3 years we are together, today seems the first day i am being single again.


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