10 Reason Why I Have to Live in Jakarta


As you know, well may be you do not know exactly, recently i becoming a jobless (call it freelancer) desperate woman who almost giving up with all of pressure and afraid to cross the line. Yes, sounds very pathetic isn’t ? After doing some stupidity like forget-to-change-active-phone-number-in-my-CV, now I feel on fire again to reach my dream. Fahion, write, and social media become motivation for me to live with them.

Here, i want to declared that i will get a job in Jakarta again, no matter what. I am so excited with the crowd, the trend that moving so fast, the sprakling that offered. Sounds silly maybe, but for me it like a dream city. So, before I really reach the chance to get job in Jakarta again, I want encourage myself again to gain my braveness, as you all know Jakarta is not-so-nice city ever.

So, here I am with my 10 reasons why i must life in Jakarta (again):

1. To fill my Lookbook.nu account

everybody who like fashion or design must knowing an fabulous website, Lookbook.nu that pretty much like Instagram but it only about fashion and what you wear everyday. This website very inspiring me in mix and match my outfits because here I can finding the latest wearable trends.

When i was working in magazine, regularly I put on some photo that show what  I wear that day and brief explanation about my outfits. However, since I move on and back to Salatiga (then Jogja) I stop doing that because in my city (and Jogja) people not really accepting that kind of outfits. Well, actually I can pretending do not care at all, but it’s very hard and slowly make me stop my habbit and reduce my taste in streetstyle. too bad.

2. Get enough paid to traveling

One of my bestfriend, Retrotikaa was inspired me to have my own traveling. She very enjoying her life with some sweet and challenging  backpacker getaway in around and inside Indonesia. She once said to me that perfect way to mend a broken heart is traveling and enjoying the great place, which I agreed with her.

So, here are my plan. I want to look for a job that can afford my life in Jakarta and i must get a discount tickets to go traveling around Indonesia or outside at least once a year. I believe this will be my motivation to work hard and get high salary, besides my passion in fashion.

3. Come to interesting events and get unforgettable experiences

Since my collage, I know that I want to have job as fashion reporter in some fashion magazine. However, recently i just adjusting other backplan job as a copywriter or digital specialist in advertasing agency. Sound interesting when you can work with many client and meet many kind of people in your life.

When you know exactly what you want, you will be easier in finding or having what you want. That’s why I always look for my dream job and I believe that my passion will let me find the one (in job). Many people suggest me to accept anything job-offered that come for me, well my bad I can’t handle something that I do not heart it. You know, I am type of person that think if you like your job you will do it with all of your heart.

If I can have similiar job like my previous, I will have many chance to come into interesting events like film premier, gala dinner, concert, or even like my-short-holiday-in-Bali-with-Ford, this would be very unforgettable moment in my life.

4. Have fun like a boss

You know, I am kinda person that believe that we need to refresh and reward ourselves after we doing something hard. So, having fun is the most perfect way to give some achievement for myself. The kind of having fun that I meant is not must be expensive, it can be only have weekend in Tidung, or spent weekend in Dufan, or just shopping in Mangga Dua, even the simpliest thing like have a beer in a bar.

5. Make my parents happy

I know, until my 24 old year I am not succeed to make my parents proud of me yet. So, one reason that make me pretty sure to live in Jakarta is to collecting as much money as I can and make my parents happy. I know the happiness maybe not coming from money, but with the money I can bring my parents to have some holiday in Bali.

6. Become a part of social happiness

Here I mean, I can meet and hang out with my lovely friends such as Tika, Devi, Tirza, Venda and Sigit. All of my friends are in Jakarta now, well not all, because some of my best friend still living in Salatiga like Astri, Yos, Mas Ndindot and Mas Gembul and one is in Sangatta, Dini. What I am trying to say is it would be a lot easier for me to have a film premier with Devi or set up my traveling with Tika or even meet up with Tirza if I live in Jakarta.

7. Working as a Fashion Stylish, Reporter Magazine or Copy Writer in Ahensi

Well, only Jakarta that have this kind of job. I know what I want and will be what I want.

8. Explore myself

Yes, I challenge myself to live with the real new city that bigger that Salatiga or Jogja. I know i was live there before but I admit it that I not really live alone because my ex very helping me to live in Jakarta. Thanks a lot to him. But now, it’s time for me to have my own life in Jakarta and deal with all public transport like Damri, Bussway or even angkot.

9. Meet a new link

Yep, Jakarta is full of surprises, and you will never know with whom you will meet everyday. I believe with work in Jakarta I have a chance to meet many unpredictable people that i just adore before.

10. Make my old dream become true

Well, maybe this is one of my dirty naughty dream where I imagine myself as a succeed career woman who can afford her own life and have her own apartment and her own car. Everyday she back from work she still have a time or money to take some shot of drink or have fun with her friends. sounds crazy huh?

So, let’s see which points that will be real first, i hope all can be reality in the moment forward :))


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